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Ayres, Paul

#80101129 -- The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want (SATB choir and 2-part accompaniment)
This anthem is a neo-Baroque setting of this classic hymn tune with a special focus on the individual phrases of the words. The accompaniment can be played on keyboard or any bass and treble instruments.


Cooman, Carson P.

#80101104 -- With Christ Whose Loving Rule Abides (2-part choir and organ)
This work is a setting of a stirring new text by Calvin Seerveld about the call that all Christians have to ministry. It begins in a quiet and somber mood and gradually becomes more joyous, leading to an ebullient conclusion. With a substantial organ part.

#80101165 -- O Perfect Life of Love (SATB choir, opt. S solo, and organ)
This anthem is an original setting of the familiar Lenten text by Henry W. Baker. The mood is meditative and spare throughout, inspired by the mood of the Lenten season.

#80101324 -- The Evening Choir (SATB choir, SATB soloists, and organ)
This work sets a vivid, extended poem by Jones Very (1813–1880), a mystical figure associated with the American Transcendentalism movement. It is set as a 11 minute cantata for choir, with four solos (SATB), and a prominent organ part. The work conceptually resembles Benjamin Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb and is thus likewise useful in either concert or service settings.

#80101330 -- Three Psalm Monodies (soloist(s), choir, and/or congregation)
These three brief pieces were inspired by the Shakers, whose many thousands of songs were sung unaccompanied. For the first hundred years of their society, Shaker songs were always monophonic. Though the music of these monodies is not in a Shaker style, they are meant to be sung by soloists, choirs, and/or congregations without accompaniment.

#80101354 -- Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SATB choir unaccompanied)
A fervent, yet contemplative setting of the familiar words from Psalm 103. Recorded on the CD "The Welcome News: Choral Music of Carson Cooman" (Gothic)

#80101355 -- Be Ye Wise (Baritone solo, SATB choir, and organ)
Based on texts from Matthew and Proverbs, this work is atmospheric and mystical in spirit. The baritone solo is meant to be sung very freely, like chant. The organ part consists of a single pedal note held throughout the length of the piece, and may be played with a key weight.

#80101356 -- Call to Remembrance (SATB choir and organ)
A meditative setting of Psalm 25:6-7 (in a translation from the 1539 Great Bible).

#80101357 -- One Thing (SATB choir unaccompanied)
A setting of Psalm 27:4: "One thing have I asked of God, one thing do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Holy One, forever." Recorded on the CD "The Welcome News: Choral Music of Carson Cooman" (Gothic)

#80101358 -- O quam mirabilis (SATB choir unaccompanied)
A setting of a text by Hildegard von Bingen, exploring the divine mystery of God's knowledge of every creature before they were called into being, and of God's creation of humankind. Recorded on the CD "The Welcome News: Choral Music of Carson Cooman" (Gothic)

#80101359 -- O Lord, I Will Sing of Your Love Forever (SATB choir unaccompanied)
Commissioned by King’s Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts, in celebration of its 325th anniversary, this longer a cappella work uses a text assembled and adapted from various Biblical passages. From the composer's introduction: "The anthem begins grandly with words from Psalm 89 celebrating God’s all-encompassing faithfulness and love. An alleluia refrain follows and returns several times throughout the work. However, it is not a majestic, Handelian alleluia, but rather one of inward passion and fervent introspection. The next section begins joyously with the familiar prophesy from Zechariah; it is followed by several brief Gospel scenes from the life of Jesus. After another alleluia, words of blessing from Psalm 103 are set vigorously before the work closes with a final alleluia." Recorded on the CD "The Welcome News: Choral Music of Carson Cooman" (Gothic)

#80101373 -- The Guest House (SATB choir and organ)
An evocative work for choir and organ, combining the opening and closing stanzas of Rumi's poem "The Guest House" with verses from the Bible (Matthew 25:35c, 40): "For I was a stranger and you invited me in. Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you did for me."


Diemer, Emma Lou

#80101108 -- In Hope We Sing: Alleluia! (SATB choir and organ)
This work is a setting of a triumphant Easter text by Brian Wren ("When all is ended."). A significant organ part runs throughout. The piece builds to a large climax before ending in quiet peace and joy. Highly suitable for Easter or general celebrations.

#80101269 -- Verses on the Birth of Christ (SATB choir, tubular chimes, and organ)
This jubilant Christmas anthem (for choir, organ, and tubular chimes) was commissioned by the Harvard University Choir for the 98th Annual Christmas Carol Services in 2007. A text attributed to Andrew of Jerusalem (translated by John Anthony McGuckin) is set with driving energy.


Fedak, Alfred V.

#80101280 -- Last Verse: A Cycle of New England Epitaphs (SATB choir and piano)
A multi-movement choral work setting a series of epitaphs and gravestone inscriptions. Several early American hymn tunes are quoted throughout.


Frahm, Frederick

#80101111 -- Water, River, Spirit, Grace (SATB choir)
This anthem is a setting of a beautiful text by Thomas Troeger, focusing on the Baptism of Jesus and connecting it to the baptism of all believers. Lush choral sonorities abound.

#80101121 -- Canticle of Heaven (SATB choir, S solo, and organ)
This work is a setting of texts from Revelation (focusing on the New Jerusalem) and Psalm 84. A flowing organ accompaniment supports the choir throughout. In the middle section, the work quotes the well-known hymn tune Brother James' Air. There is also a brief soprano solo in the middle of the work.

#80101127 -- Psalm 14 (SAB choir and organ)
This anthem is an energetic and accessible setting of a translation from "The Grail Psalter." The organ part is independent, yet supportive throughout.

#80101143 -- Song to the Redeemer (SATB choir and organ)
This introspective anthem features a combination of texts by St. Paul and Hildegard von Bingen. It focuses on the "human nature" of Christ and is highly appropriate for Corpus Christi, Christ the King, Transfiguration, or general times.

#80101144 -- O Love, I Give Myself to Thee (SATB choir and organ)
This work is a "hymn-anthem" based on an original tune by the composer. Lush and moody harmonies throughout amplify the text by Catherine Winkworth.

#80101145 -- Psalm 150 (SATB choir, organ, and trumpet)
This setting of Psalm 150 features a dramatic trumpet part. Mixed meter is used to exciting effect throughout. A particularly good choice for music celebrations. Download PDF of trumpet in C part.

#80101146 -- Epiphany Processional (Unison choir and organ)
This stately piece was originally written for an Epiphany pageant although it can be used as an anthem during that season. The congregation can join with the choir in the refrain. The excellent text, by Timothy Dudley-Smith, is rich in Epiphany imagery.

#80101179 -- Deus Converte Nos (SATB choir, organ, and viola [or violin/cello])
This work is a setting of Psalm 80 ("Restore Us, O God") as paraphrased in 1673 by John Milton. The text is used frequently in the season of Advent (on the First Sunday), or would also be appropriate for Good Shepherd Sunday in the Season of Easter. The majestic work was commissioned for performance on a day when new tapestries and paraments were dedicated for use in a parish and the music is knit together with a commanding viola part (with alternates for violin or cello). Download PDF of the viola part. / Download PDF of the cello part. / Download PDF of the violin part.


Gay, Sandra

#80101122 -- My Song Forever Shall Record (SATB choir, oboe, and keyboard)
This anthem is a setting of the hymn tune St. Petersburg by Dimitri Bortniansky. The oboe provides extra color and harmony throughout. Download PDF of oboe part.

#80101123 -- O Lamb of God Most Holy (SATB choir and keyboard)
This anthem is a setting of a Lenten text by Isaac Watts. The hymn tune Rockingham ("When I Survey The Wondrous Cross") is quoted in the middle section.

#80101147 -- Let Angels Sing and Church Bells Ring (SATB choir, keyboard, and opt. handbells)
This anthem features an original carol tune, written in a lively 6/8 meter. The text is a joyful Christmas one by Rae E. Whitney. (The handbells required are 2-4 octaves, from G5 to G7.) Highly suitable for the Christmas season and easy to learn. Download PDF of the handbell part.

#80101148 -- 'Round the Manger See Them Gather (SATB choir, keyboard, and opt. flute/percussion)
With a text by Richard Leach, this Christmas anthem has the spirit of a muzette with its lively character and ostinatos. Highly suitable for the Christmas season and easy to learn. (Excerpted from Gay's Christmas cantata Tidings of Great Joy). Download PDF of the flute part. / Download PDF of the percussion part.

#80101188 -- Jesus, Shepherd of Our Souls (SATB choir, organ, and flute)
This anthem, with a text by John Thornburg, is based on John 10 and the metaphor of the Good Shepherd. Suitable for Good Shepherd Sunday or many other times through the church year. It is taken from the chamber opera See the Promised Dawn Arise. Download PDF of the flute part.

#80101189 -- We Declare to You (SATB choir, organ, and two trumpets)
This anthem, with a text by John Thornburg, is based on I John 1:1-2 and most suitable for Eastertide. The well-known tune Easter Hymn is quoted at the end. It is also taken from the chamber opera See the Promised Dawn Arise. Download PDF of the trumpet 1 in Bb part. / Download PDF of the trumpet 2 in Bb part.

#80101193 -- It Was a Star (SATB choir, keyboard, and opt. handbells)

#80101194 -- It Was a Star (SAB choir, keyboard, and opt. handbells)
A memorable and lyrical Christmas anthem to a text by Mary Jackson Cathey. (Originally published by Chorister's Guild.)

#80101260 -- The Bitterroot Motets (SA voices)
#80101261 -- The Bitterroot Motets (TB voices)
These three brief motets are composed for 2-part voices with no divisi (available either for treble/upper voices or men's voices and are very useful for circumstances where only small choral forces are available. They may also be performed as vocal duets. The texts are drawn from the Bible: Psalm 46:4, 7; Jeremiah 17:10, 7, 8; and Psalm 105:1-3.

#80101262 -- Prayer of St. Ignatius (SATB choir)
This work is an unaccompanied setting of a beautiful prayer attributed to St. Ignatius Loyola, useful for many occasions. "Take and receive all my liberty, O Lord, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, all that I have and call my own. You have given all to me, to you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours, do with it what you will. Give me only your love and your grace. That is enough for me. Amen."


Hartley, Walter S.

#80101299 -- They That Put Their Trust (SSATB choir and opt. organ)
An anthem based upon Psalm 125. The organ part is optional.

#80101300 -- How Excellent Thy Name (SATB choir)
A majestic motet based on verses from Psalm 8.

#80101301 -- O Sing a New Song (SSATB choir)
An setting of Psalm 98 with varied moods.

#80101302 -- Orpheus with His Lute (SSATB choir)
A madrigal-style setting of the familiar secular text by John Fletcher.


Hijleh, Mark

#80101134 -- Silent Night (SATB choir, flute, and handbells)
The familiar Christmas carol by Franz Gruber is given an innovative and imaginative setting in this work. Using contemporary techniques (such as surprise modulations and aleatoric ringing), the work casts the familiar carol in a new light. (The handbells required are from A4 through B6. Number of ringers is variable.)

#80101135 -- Through a Glass Darkly (SATB choir and piano)
This anthem takes as its text the well-known verses from I Corinthians 13. The setting maintains a mysterious and haunting flavor throughout. Mostly in unison, with divisi near the end.


Hurd, David

#80101319 -- You Are God (Te Deum Laudamus) (SATB choir and organ)
A bright and festive setting in English for chorus and organ of the traditional "Te Deum Laudamus" text.

#80101320 -- Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Norfolk Service) (SATB choir and organ)
A setting for chorus and organ in English of the traditional evening canticles. Composed for Allen Shaffer and the Choir of Christ and Saint Luke’s Church, Norfolk, Virginia.


Hutchinson, Michael W.

#80101196 -- We Gather Now the Harvest (SATB choir and organ)
A festive thanksgiving anthem on an original text by Rev. Harold V. Lloyd, Jr. Useful for the Thanksgiving season or any harvest celebration. Download a complete MP3 file of this piece.

#80101210 -- Make a Joyful Noise (SATB choir and organ)
An upbeat and vibrant setting of Psalm 100. The anthem was originally composed in celebration of the release of the hostages in Iran in 1981. IT is suitable for any celebratory service or whenever Psalm 100 is appointed. Download a complete MP3 file of this piece.


Kemp, Stephen

#80101281 -- And Now, O Father (SATB choir and organ)
A setting of the familiar text by William Bright. Useful as a communion anthem or during Lent.

#80101282 -- Arise, Shine for Your Light Has Come (SATB choir and organ)
A largely contemplative setting of this familiar text from Isaiah 60.

#80101283 -- O God, the King of Glory (SATB choir)
A superb, stirring motet setting the collect for the Seventh Sunday of Easter. Useful for any occasion.

#80101284 -- Let Earth and Heaven Combine (SATB choir and organ)
A song of praise to a text by Charles Wesley.

#80101285 -- To Us a Child of Royal Birth (SATB choir and organ)
A Christmas anthem on a text by Charles Wesley.

#80101286 -- Lo! What a Cloud of Witnesses (SATB choir and organ)
A setting of a paraphrase of Hebrews 12:1-3. Useful for any occasion.

#80101287 -- All Hail, Fair Tree (SATB choir and organ)
|A Lenten anthem to a text of Richard Crashaw.

#80101293 -- Because He is Bound to Me in Love (SATB choir and organ)
A lyrical setting of Psalm 91:14.

#80101294 -- Bless the Lord, O My Soul (SATB choir and organ)
A very expressive setting of Psalm 103.

#80101295 -- Our Help Is in the Name of the Lord (SATB choir and organ)
A very expressive setting of Psalm 103.

#80101296 -- Ave verum corpus (SATB choir)
A setting of the familiar Latin communion text.

#80101297 -- O crux ave spes unica (SATB choir)
A setting of a Lenten text in Latin.

#80101298 -- O God, Who on the Holy Mount (SATB choir and organ)
A motet setting of the collect for the Feast of the Transfiguration.

#80101304 -- Now the Word of the Lord (SATB choir and organ)
A mysterious setting of Jeremiah 1:4-9.


Mascari, Edward P.

#80101130 -- At the Name of Jesus (SATB choir, piano, and opt. trumpet)
This anthem is a setting of the familiar text by Caroline Maria Noel (1890) with a lovely new tune cast in a contemporary jazz-influenced harmonic language. Download PDF of trumpet in C part.

#80101131 -- Let Us Give Thanks to the Lord (SATB choir, soprano solo, and organ)
The work is an exciting and spirited setting of a few verses from Psalm 107. A useful anthem for celebratory or festival occasions.

#80101132 -- The Lord's Prayer (Congregation/unison choir and keyboard)
This work is a highly singable setting of the Lord's Prayer, written with a slightly "jazz-tinged" harmonic vocabulary. Download PDF of congregation part.


Mawby, Colin

#80101226 -- I Will Give Thanks to the Lord (SATB choir and organ)
This short, zestful anthem sets the first two verses from Psalm 9.


Oliver, Curt

#80101159 -- Once You Walked Upon the Waters (2-part choir and organ)
This anthem uses a text by Herman G. Stuempfle based on Matthew’s account of Jesus’ walking on the water, and the healthy mixture of faith and doubt the story recounts and inspires. The musical setting features alternating meters which suggest the turbulence of the sea and the tensions of doubt. Easy and effective.

#80101160 -- A Celtic Blessing (2-part choir and keyboard)
This brief work uses a text by Richard Leach, written in "Celtic blessing style." The music captures the mood of the text with a gentle lilt.

#80101178 -- Farewell, Advent! (2-part choir, keyboard, opt. percussion)
This enjoyable work for the Christmas season (particularly suitable for the Sunday immediately following Christmas) uses an old English carol text. The setting is in an energetic 6/8 meter and is very easy to put together.


Penfield, Craig A.

#80101329 -- Hallelujah! (SATB choir)
A cycle of three very easy motets: 1) Praise to the Lord; 2) This Is the House of God; and 3) Hallelujah! They can be performed individually or as a set.

#80101348 -- Les cieux (The Heavens) (SATB choir)
A short, evocative piece for wordless choir with a French impressionist flavor. Not difficult, and provides an excellent opportunity for a choir to explore this harmonic idiom and performance style


Rosner, Arnold

#80101239 -- Missa Greensleeves (SATB choir)
#80101240 -- Missa L'homme armé (SATB choir)
#80101241 -- Missa In nomine (SATB choir)
#80101242 -- Three Masses (SATB choir) [all three in one volume]
The choral masses of Arnold Rosner are "cantus firmus" masses that blend the techniques of the Renaissance masters with a contemporary harmonic language and rhythmic idiom. They are exceptionally compelling works designed for strong choirs and will make a stunning impact in performance.


Saari, Robert

#80101195 -- The Lord Is in His Holy Temple (SATB choir, opt. accompaniment)
The work is a short, lyrical anthem that is highly suitable for a variety of worship settings. Concludes with ascending, ecstatic "Amen" passages.


Siebert, Mark

#80101181 -- This Is the Bread (SATB choir)
This setting of John 6:51 is suitable as a communion anthem or on any Eucharistic occasion.

#80101182 -- Show Me Your Ways, O Lord (SATB choir and organ)
This anthem is a setting of Psalm 25:3-7, 9. A suitable and accessible anthem for any time in the church year.

#80101185 -- Psalm 150 (SATB choir and keyboard)
This setting of the familiar psalm is both easy and colorful. The accompaniment illustrates the text and supports the choir.


Siler, John

#80101234 -- Come, Follow the Star (SATB choir and keyboard)
This work is a joyous carol for Christmas and Epiphany -- festive and rhythmic.

#80101235 -- Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (SATB choir and keyboard)
The famous text is set in this anthem to a new melody, reminiscent of the folk melodies of Applachian Mountains.


Solomons, David W.

#80101152 -- Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (SATB choir and organ)
These unique and creative settings of the traditional evening canticles were written for the Voluntary Choir of Manchester Cathedral. The Magnificat is joyful, with a light, skipping accompaniment. The Nunc Dimittis is introspective and contrasts with the Magnificat. It makes use of the octatonic mode to create an atmosphere of "slightly aching serenity."

#80101153 -- Sing a New Song to the Lord (SATB choir and organ)
This setting of Psalm 98 is taken from the composer's oratorio The Manchester Magnificat, originally written for Manchester Cathedral. In the context of the oratorio, this psalm setting forms the climax, presenting an expression of optimism.


Weidner, Raymond

#80101171 -- Deep River (SATB choir and piano)
This creative setting of the familiar African-American spiritual Deep River places a traditional, major melody within a harmonically minor context. This approach allows two contrasting ideas to be juxtaposed: the oppressiveness of slavery (depicted by the ponderous piano accompaniment) and the hope of deliverance (inherent in the melody itself). The result of this conflict directs our thoughts to a personal longing for eternal peace.


Wold, Wayne L.

#80101229 -- Proclaim the Reign of God! (SAB choir and keyboard)
Inspired by Psalm 98, the anthem uses an original text by the composer that calls on all of nature to "proclaim the reign of God." The music has a full sound but requires only SAB voices and is moderately easy to sing and play. Suitable for festival or general use.


Yu, Man-Ching "Donald"

#80101263 -- Our Father (SATB choir)
This work is a lyrical and expressive setting of the Lord's Prayer.

#80101264 -- O virtus Sapientiae (SATB choir)
A familiar Latin text by Hildegard von Bingen is set in this motet.

#80101277 -- Oculus non vidit (SATB choir)
This motet uses a text in Latin from I Corinthians 2:9. Beginning solemnly, it builds to a large climax before subsiding.