Catalogue: Zimbel Records


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#ZR101 - Angelic Exaltations: Organ Music of Sandra Gay and Carson Cooman

#ZR102 - Threads: Music of Carson P. Cooman

#ZR104 - Pictures For an Exhibition: Music of Bruce Polay

#ZR105 - Territory of the Heart: Music of Douglas Bruce Johnson

#ZR106 - Monuments: Music of Peter Blauvelt

#ZR107 - Rituals: Piano Music of Peter Blauvelt

#ZR108 - Small Bear, Large Telescope: Music of Carson Cooman

#ZR113 - Illusions: Music of Man-Ching "Donald" Yu

#ZR114 - Benjamin: An Opera in Two Acts (Music by John Carbon/Libretto by Sarah White)

#ZR115 - Odyssey: Chamber Music of Peter Blauvelt

#ZR116 - Kaleidoscope: Chamber Music of Peter Blauvelt

#ZR117 - Summer Songs: Chamber Music of Carson Cooman

#ZR118 - Night Pageantry: Music of Thomas L. Read

#ZR119 - Flaming Night: Chamber Music of Peter Blauvelt

#ZR120 - Revolutionary Earthworks: Music for Mechanical Piano by Carson Cooman

#ZR121 - John Carbon: Piano Music Played by Steven Graff

#ZR122 - Unguarded Moments: Organ Music by Paula Diehl

#TBCF1 - The Tampa Bay Composers' Forum: Members' Works in Live Performance


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